Arctic Day 25th April 2023

The Competition

On Tuesday 25th April 2023, WWW collaborated with GlosGeog, Gloucestershire’s local Geographical Association branch, to take seven schools both in and beyond Gloucestershire on a trip to the Arctic. We explored the question, ‘What is so cool about the Arctic?’.

In addition to the many and varied activities completed during the day, pupils were challenged to create an igloo using only a base template and a box of sugar cubes provided. Our mini explorers and expert igloo constructers have now submitted their unique igloos for judging.  Please cast your vote below, before Wednesday the 3rd of May. The winner will receive some exciting educational goodies from Wicked Weather Watch. 

For more information about our virtual Arctic adventure, head to Emma Espley’s blog post, where she recounts the day in more detail.

The Submissions

Which design gains your vote? Add a comment below, stating who you think deserves to win and why.

88 thoughts on “Arctic Day 25th April 2023”

  1. West End 2 for me. I like the proportions. It has an enclosed roof and a nice entrance.

  2. WestEnd 2 gets my vote the team worked well together, were first finished the igloo is robust, has a good entrance and closed roof.

    1. Coalway 4 great proportions, tall enough to stand up in as you can see by the person outside!

  3. Coalway 4 is my favourite. Love the little person to show scale and the igloo itself looks neat and robust ????

  4. Coalway 4 gets my vote because it’s a good solid design, it actually looks like an igloo and I love the little people.

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