What we do

Workshops & Talks

We seek to provide primary students with climate change education to inspire and turn eco-anxiety into empowerment. Schools can request either a talk from an Arctic Explorer, a climate change workshop, or a talk from a climate change expert. We can also give whole school events and multi-school events - contact us to discuss pricing for these specific events.

Please note that we often have funding available to ensure schools that are at or above the national average for free school meal eligibility can take part in our sessions.

Hearing from someone who has witnessed climate change first hand and explored the Arctic is a great way to inspire children of any age. Our fantastic volunteers who have had expeditions in the Arctic or Antarctic visit schools to tell children about their adventures and experiences. 

  • 1 hour in-person session 
  • 1 hour virtual session 

We can do many different types of workshops around climate change and can be flexible –  in the past we have focused on food miles, sustainability, climate change, the Arctic and its wildlife, explorers and more. The workshops are engaging, interactive, and fun. We conduct experiments and do activities to keep the students excited about learning. 

  • In-person workshop with 1 year group/class 
  • In person full day workshop with more than 1 year group/class 
  • Virtual workshop 

Our 1 hour long expert talks include learning about why the Arctic is important and its impact on the world and us here in the UK.  The talks end with a Q&A session to ask any questions to our expert speaker. 

  • In person 1 hour session  
  • Virtual 1 hour session 

A full day event bringing schools together from across the country to explore the question: What makes the Arctic so cool?. We usually offer one of these sessions per month, that schools can book onto, enquire about this month’s date here. This event includes lots of fun activities, such as making sugar cube igloos, writing exercises, and an opportunity to hear from a real-life Arctic explorer. 

  • Virtual full-day session from 9:00am – 3:00pm 

Teacher Training

We provide two different CPD sessions to help teachers increase their confidence in bringing climate change education into their classroom.

This workshop will give teachers and others working in a primary setting, the knowledge needed to feel confident with the relevant tools and information to teach climate change. 

This workshop will give teachers the knowledge and tools to explore climate change with students and take action as a school in many different ways, including unpicking the national curriculum and highlighting where climate change fits into different subjects.

Teaching Resources

We have lots of resources that are free to access for teachers and parents. We have a variety of different topics to explore, including climate change & sustainability, the Arctic, wildlife and explorers. We even have comprehensive lesson plans and guides on how to take climate action in your school.