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Working with schools

Do you want to access up to the minute resources to teach about climate change and related topics? Or to hear directly from an explorer, scientist or those living in the Arctic?

WWW offers schools a unique way to teach about climate change by providing resources that meet cross-curricula requirements, as well as bringing the issue to life for students through direct contact with those who have witnessed climate change in the Arctic for themselves.

WWW’s schools programme strives to inspire students to care about climate change, the impact on our planet, and to engage in activities that will reduce our footprint on the Earth.

For more information about how your school can work with WWW visit our SCHOOLS PORTAL or download our SCHOOLS INFORMATION LEAFLET.

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Northabout goes North!

Following the epic Polar Ocean Challenge in summer 2016, Northabout has set off on her adventures again, this time heading for Greenland.

Whilst there, her crew and others will trek to the geo-magnetic North Pole, talk to local communities and schools about their experience of climate change and generally explore this amazing country.

Click here to follow all their adventures, and find out who the VIP on board is…

The WWW Polar Bear is currently in Greenland on his maiden Arctic voyage, and he could be yours!


Simply enter our competition to name the Wicked Weather Watch mascot and the lucky winner will get to keep this adventurous polar bear on his return to the UK in October.

The WWW polar bear is exploring Greenland with the crew of Northabout to find out more about this spectacular country and how climate change is affecting the people and landscape.

The winning name will be chosen by the crew of Northbout Goes North.

Click here to enter the competition

Wicked Weather Watch News

2016 surpasses 2015 as the warmest year in 137 years of record-keeping

A new State of the Climate report confirms that 2016 was third consecutive year of record global warming. Last year’s record heat resulted from the combined influence of long-term global warming and a strong El Niño early in the year. The report found that the major...

BBC report: Sea level fears as Greenland darkens

Sea level fears as Greenland darkens Scientists worry that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet could accelerate and raise sea levels more than expected. This would not only affect Greenland, but low lying countries across the world, including the UK. Read more on...

Pupils at Abbey Park Middle School go on an awesome Arctic adventure!

On Tuesday, year 6 pupils at the school became explorers, and were transported to the Arctic through dance, drama and lots of activities to learn about the region and how wildlife and the people of the Arctic are affected by climate change. The day was delivered by...

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