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The earth is getting hotter. Glaciers are melting. Seas are rising. Climate change will affect us all.

So what can you do to help?

Could you switch off more lights? Use less water? Plant more trees?

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Magical Taiga Tours and Carnival Crazy!


Could you help us raise £2,600 to deliver workshop to over 200 children – that’s just £13 per child!

We are SO excited to be running workshops for school children and the general public at two amazing events this summer: Forest of Imagination and Fiesta at the Rec. The workshops will be hands on, immersive experiences for children to explore the vital issue of climate change. 

With your help, we can be at these events and make this amazing outdoor learning experience truly magical…

Working with schools


Do you want to access up to the minute resources to teach about climate change and related topics? Or to hear directly from an explorer, scientist or those living in the Arctic?

WWW offers schools a unique way to teach about climate change by providing resources that meet cross-curricula requirements, as well as bringing the issue to life for students through direct contact with those who have witnessed climate change in the Arctic for themselves.

WWW’s schools programme strives to inspire students to care about climate change, the impact on our planet, and to engage in activities that will reduce our footprint on the Earth.

For more information about how your school can work with WWW visit our schools page or download our SCHOOLS LEAFLET.

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Check out our updated KS2 Scheme of Work: “Let’s go on an awesome Arctic adventure – How is climate change affecting the Arctic region?”

It contains six weeks of lesson plans plus all the accompanying resources needed to make teaching about climate change and sustainability fun and memorable for all pupils!

Open Water - Breaking Ice. Signed copies available now!

“Open Water-Breaking Ice – The Polar Ocean Challenge. A Voyage of Exploration Around the North Pole” is Sir David Hempleman-Adams’ account of the incredible journey Northabout made around the Arctic Circle in summer 2016.

All proceeds will go to Wicked Weather Watch’s schools education programme. Thank you for your support.

Planet Friendly Food – recipes that won’t cost the Earth

As part of 💚 The Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign 💚, we celebrated food and four great ways that we can change what we buy and eat to reduce our contribution to climate change: minimise food waste, eat seasonal food, eat locally grown produce, and eat less meat. 

With the help of some of Bath’s best loved foodies, we’ve collected some #PlanetFriendlyFood recipes that use locally and seasonally sourced ingredients, showcase vegan and plant-based food, and reduce food waste. They will not only tickle your taste buds, but help you put new, healthy eating habits into practice that are good for you, and the planet!

Upcoming events

WWW at Forest of Imagination

In less than two weeks, WWW will be setting up at the Forest of Imagination (FoI) – a free four-day public event in Bath which transforms part of the city to encourage people to engage with nature in an urban environment.

Our installation – a small recreation of the Russian sub-Arctic Taiga forest – will take children and their families on a journey through this vibrant habitat, demonstrating how climate change is having an impact there; how what happens in this vital biome impacts us in the UK; and what we can all do to mitigate climate change here in the UK.

The 21st and 24th are schools days, and we will be running four workshops each day with schools. We can’t wait to be part of this amazing event. If you are a school local to Bath and want to take part in a workshop, please email Sarah Macdonald:

Our Forest of Imagination event is being generously supported by Minuteman Press.


Fiesta at the Rec!

To kick-start the incredible Bath CarnivalKids of Bath are taking over Bath Recreation Limited to host a FREE party: ‘Fiesta at the Rec’. It’s on Saturday 13th July, 11am to 3pm and WWW will be there!

We’re running a workshop for children and their families to be amazed by what we can learn from ice in our polar regions and how our actions in the UK can have an impact thousands of miles away. We’ll be thinking about how we can all fiesta into the future through some simple actions to help protect our awesome planet.

Join us and become climate detectives!

School events

There are no scheduled school events at the moment, but if you are interested in a WWW event at your school, or to attend a teacher training event please contact Vicky:

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Arctic News

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

February 27th is International Polar Bear Day! To celebrate these majestic and awesome animals, why not take our polar bear quiz - or do it with a school class or youth group - and see just how much you really know about these iconic Arctic inhabitants!

Schools News

Polar Adventures at Techniquest

What a fabulous two days! Explorers (thanks Hazel Richards), sleeping bag races, true/false quizzes and loads more madness and mayhem with 400 children at Techniquest, Cardiff, as part of the STEM Learning UK Polar Explorer Programme. Our two days at Techniquest...

Bath Life Awards 2018 Finalists!

We didn’t win, but we’re still delighted to have been chosen as finalists in the Education category. Thank you to all who supported our entry and we look forward to BLA2019!!

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