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Inspiring teachers and pupils to act on climate change.


WWW brings climate change to life for students and teachers through workshops, talks, direct contact with those who have personally witnessed climate change in the polar regions, and by supporting teachers to integrate climate change into their every day teaching. 

WWW helps to transform eco-anxiety into empowerment, turning education into  meaningful, carbon-cutting action. We aim to support the wider school community, including teachers, families, governors and school managers to do the same. 

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Why focus on the Arctic?

Wicked Weather Watch was founded by Arctic Explorer, David Hempleman-Adams. David’s ambition has always been to educate students about the Arctic and how climate change is threatening this area of the world. 

Over the past few decades, the annual average Arctic temperature has increased four times as fast as the rest of the world – having a detrimental impact on the Earth as a whole. 

We need your support!

As a charity, we rely on the donations from the public. We provide climate change education for a small fee - please help us continue this and expand our offerings by donating today.

Virtual Sustainability Multi-Schools Event

Join us for a half-day, virtual experience taking KS2 pupils on a journey to the Arctic to explore the impact of plastic pollution. Together, we will explore the enquiry question, “How can we make plastic fantastic?”.

The event will include the following:

  • Arctic Explorer Talk — Hear from an explorer who has witnessed global warming first-hand and litter picked in the Arctic,  you won’t believe what she found!
  • Plastic Waste Artist Talk — An artist who creates artwork from plastic litter he picks up on his walks along the beach will share his methods and previous works of art.
  • Make Your Own Artwork from Rubbish — We’ll kickstart the design process to create a motivational piece of work made from plastic litter to share with the rest of the school!
  • Consider Your Own Impact — The session will conclude with an activity to reflect on how we can positively impact our environment starting today.

This session is available to schools across the UK, all of Key Stage 2, and is offered for free for schools that have a higher-than-average number of free school meals. Get involved in what is going to be an incredible journey to the Arctic, book today! 

Book a session with us today

WWW provides talks and assemblies from Arctic explorers and climate change experts, as well as interactive workshops. All of our offerings are available in person or virtually. We aim to work mainly in the Southwest but are happy to work with schools outside of our area when possible. 

We offer primary schools explorer talks, climate change expert talks, workshops on sustainability and the Arctic, and CPD for teachers. 

We've taught over 24,500 pupils

Plastic Artwork Challenge
Wicked Weather Watch

Plastic Artwork 8th June 2024

The Competition On Tuesday the 4th of June, Paddock Wood Primary School attend our pilot launch of our newest virtual offering, our Sustainability multi-school event.

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