Arctic Day 24th March 2023

The Competition

On Friday 24th March 2023, we took Switzerland-based Geneva English School on a trip to the Arctic where we explored the question, ‘What is so cool about the Arctic?’.

In addition to the many and varied activities completed during the day, pupils were challenged to create an igloo using only the base template and a box of sugar cubes provided. Our mini explorers and expert igloo constructers have now submitted their unique igloos for judging.  Please cast your vote below, before Friday the 31st of March.  The winner will receive some exciting educational goodies from Wicked Weather Watch. 

For more information about our virtual Arctic adventure, head to Emma Espley’s blog post, where she recounts the day in more detail.

The Submissions

Which design gains your vote? Add a comment below, stating who you think deserves to win and why.

54 thoughts on “Arctic Day 24th March 2023”

  1. Such a difficult decision to make! I don’t think I have seen such tall igloos before! I hope they have been tested for stability!
    However, my vote goes to Wadlow 1. It has a welcoming entrance and would certainly be tall enough for me to stand up inside. It appears to be very well-insulated too. The girls seem to have throughly enjoyed constructing their igloo and are very proud of their final design. Well done!

  2. My vote goes to MarceauIDC.C.A for teamwork, planning and distribution of tasks (one to break sugar cubes to fill smaller gaps, one to build etc).

  3. I like MarceauS&I. It immediately drew my attention because it has a buttressed arch surrounding the entrance and what looks like a chimney. The children look really proud of their igloo.

  4. Great igloos everyone. It’s a difficult decision – do I go for the traditional shape or one with creative features?! I think it’s got to be Marceau J&O. I like it’s height and the flourish on top*

  5. Great team work everyone for this fun event, showing clear engineering skills!
    It is very hard to choose, but my vote goes to Marceau S&I. I love the entrance lobby, where I imagine I would leave my ski boots, and the snowman outside – which I would definitely have built if I were staying in the igloo.

  6. My vote goes to Marceau IDC.C.A – The igloo looks very symmetrical, well done! 🙂

  7. The igloos are all fantastic and show your creativity (they look good enough to eat)! My vote goes to Marceau S&I because I like the large entrance area and the main part looks like it would have a high ceiling so I would be able to sand up easily in it. I think it looks like a sturdy structure.

  8. Lots of thought and teamwork seems to have gone into all the designs. I am pleassed to see the efforts made in the structural design of Marceau S & I. The entrance is well thought out too! well done!

  9. Sophie Touzin-Andrews

    All amazing! and how clever with the sugar cubes. I vote for Marceau J&O as I love the height and structure. Well done everyone!

  10. English Language Academy

    We chose Wadlow 1 because it appears to have 2 entrances and it is well built.

  11. I think that Marceau S&I is the best igloo because it has a chimney, an entrance and a snowman.

  12. Marceau C&A, Great attention to detail. i can see all the gaps in the sugar cubes have been filled to prevent the cold wind coming into the igloo.

  13. Marceau C&A. I love the form of the igloo, the windows and the welcoming entrance. It looks a very stable and well constructed igloo.

  14. I would vote for Marceau IDC.C.A because they seem to have benches outside the igloo. I liked it because its shape, it went steeply up and then had a nice curve at the top.

  15. I also found it hard to decide and I felt bad for the ones who calapsed and could not build it in time so I vote:

    Marceau M&N and C&E. Wait a second, can i vote two people, please say yes because I can not choose between those two.

  16. I also found it hard to decide and I felt bad for the ones who calapsed and could not build it in time so I vote:

    Marceau M&N and C&E. Wait a second, can i vote two people, please say yes because I can not choose between those two. Bye

  17. I vote for “Marceau IDC.C.A” as the structure looks strong, has a polished look and the design is something you can create with real snowblocks. Well done team!

  18. My vote goes to Wadlow 2 as it looks like a place where I could keep warm during those very cold nights & the builders look like they had lots of fun making it.

  19. Great igloos everyone – well done! I vote for Wadlow 1 because it has an extra side room; igloo innovation.

  20. Wadlow 1 gets the family Wainwright vote, it was a tough decision, as all are very clever.

  21. I loved all of the igloos but I think Wadlow 1 was the best because it has a clear passage and it’s shaped like a pyramid!

  22. I loved all the igloos but my favourite one was Marceau S and I because the top was cool and I liked the entrance!❄️

  23. Marceau S&I for the win! It’s creative and tall. I can imagine flying a flag from the top and being seen from miles around! But they are all fantastic!

  24. My vote goes to Marceau J&O, I appreciated the overall aesthetic of the igloo, the regularity of the courses and the overall grand design.

  25. Great teamwork everyone! So many happy faces and beautiful igloos. My vote goes to Wadlow 2, it looks like a fun and original structure.

  26. Marceau S&I, no question. There is the added extra of security provision, on the alert, just outside the grand entrance of what is clearly a luxury polar establishment.

  27. I vote for Marceau IDC.C.A because this one is more realistic and the other one’s are like a tower.

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