Our most recent January workshops

Our January workshops are all go!

Last week we travelled to Brentry Primary School in Bristol and Newbridge Primary school in Bath to provide two days of fun-packed workshops. 

We received a Magic Little Grant through the partnership between Localgiving and Postcode Local Trust. Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Localgiving is the UK’s leading membership and support network for local charities and community groups. Our project received £500 to provide 3 sessions to Brentry Primary School for free.

Brentry Primary School received an interactive workshop with both their Y2 class and Y4 class, and the day finished with these two classes coming together to listen to Hazel Richard’s explorer talk. The Y2 class worked with Rhianna, WWW Project Manager, to identify the different landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic and to investigate which animals live at which poles. Rhianna raved about the Y2 class’ ability to listen and take in all of the information. We finished the session by completing a challenging but rewarding Arctic Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Y4 had a fabulous time learning all about the differences between the North Pole and the South Pole. They asked Rhianna many insightful questions and were particularly interested in the Albedo Effect – where white objects (such as ice in the Arctic or a white t-shirt on a hot summers day) reflect heat, while darker surfaces (like the deep ocean or black trousers) absorb heat. We discussed how this effect has an impact on global warming. If you’re interested in learning more about the Albedo Effect, check out this resource. Y4 also got an introduction to climate change and the importance of sustainability. They all pledged to reduce their own carbon footprints, and promised to do 5 things to be better for the environment — starting immediately! 

Both classes then came together to hear from real-life explorer, Hazel Richards. Hazel spoke about her expeditions to the North and South Pole, which had all the children (and teachers!) in the room captivated. She explained the need for safety, team work and care for the environment while she was in these harsh areas of the world. 

Thank you Brentry Primary for having us!

Newbridge Primary School’s two Y6 classes were visited by Rhianna, WWW Project Manager, to provide a climate change workshop. The pupils were particularly interested in the difference between glaciers and sea ice melting, and which type of ice melt caused sea level rise. We conducted this experiment together and the results were discussed by many pupils throughout the workshop. 

After having an introduction to the causes, effects, and implications of climate change, the pupils also declared that they will reduce their own carbon footprints. Each child promised to do 5 things to be better for the environment. These included, walking to school, eating less meat, turning off lights when they aren’t using them, and talking to friends and family about climate change. 

Wicked Weather Watch had a wonderful time in both Brentry Primary School and Newbridge Primary School last week. We hope their pupils got lots out of these sessions and are all climate change-makers in the making!