Last week, we hit the most amazing milestone – at Royal High Prep School we delivered a workshop, which included the 10,000th pupil to be part of a Wicked Weather Watch activity!

In a time when educating young people about what is happening to our world’s climate has never been more important, we are so proud to have worked with literally thousands of primary school children, helping them to understand more about climate change, and inspiring them to take action.

We – myself and the fantastic Hazel Richards – received a very warm welcome at Royal High Prep School. We spent most of the morning with Year 5, as well as taking a whole-school assembly.

After conducting experiments to research the impact of melting ice on sea levels, and looking at the impact of this on the people and animals of the Arctic, Hazel left the girls awestruck by her tales of Arctic and Antarctic adventures. We followed this with a short session about what actions we can take to reduce our impact on our fragile world – something that the school will be looking more at as they continue to study climate change.