WWW Patron, Prof. Terry V. Callaghan, received a CMG in the 2018 New Year honours for services to advancing knowledge and international collaboration in Arctic science.

The Diplomatic Service and Overseas New Year 2018 Honours List recognises extraordinary people in a range of fields overseas including the arts, assistance to British nationals overseas, broadcasting, business, community relations, education, health, peace and reconciliation, science and scientific research, security and voluntary and charitable work.

Professor Callaghan is the UK’s leading expert on the impact of climate change in the Arctic. Over a career of five decades he has led ground-breaking research; built impressive international teams; and delivered exceptional scientific results across the Polar Regions. He is passionate about the value of research for the public, including young people, and policy makers.

We’re incredibly proud that Prof. Callaghan has chosen to lend his expertise to Wicked Weather Watch and is passing on some of his fantastic knowledge to the young people we’re working with.

On learning of his award he said “I am deeply honoured and humbled by this recognition of my life’s work which depended on selfless support from my family and cooperation with inspirational friends around the world. Only by working together across national borders can we understand the world’s changing environment and how we should adapt. We owe this to future generations.”