What a whirlwind – St Cuthbert’s in the Lake District on Tuesday, Victoria Park, Bristol on Wednesday and Clifton High School, Bristol on Thursday! But we’ve loved every minute.

#GreenGB week kicked off for WWW at St Cuthbert’s in Windermere, where we were surprised and pleased in equal measure to find out how much the children remembered from our visit last November! This year, with KS2 we followed up ‘What is climate change?’ with a look at the impact of different activities such as driving, eating meat and cutting down trees on the planet using a Diamond 9, and then discussed 5 simple things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint. They came up with some great ideas…

Years 1 and 2 went on an Arctic adventure, experiencing through drama and dance the excitement of arriving, crossing a glacier, feeling the cold, seeing the animals and then being melting glaciers or calving ice shelfs to highlight what is happening due to climate change.

On Wednesday, Year 5 pupils at Victoria Park had a visit from Hazel Richards, WWW volunteer and Polar explorer who took them through her adventures, what equipment you need at the Poles and the science behind it all. Some of the pupils even got to try on the polar gear!

And finally to Clifton High school for Marquee week where 225 KS1 and KS2 children participated in 4 activities including learning about climate change and seeing explorers equipment including tents, sledges and skis. This was followed by Nanou Blair, actor and author, leading the Science Cafe for senior schools pupils and their families, sharing her experience of travelling on a tall ship in the Arctic and the lasting impression she was left with, from an environmental perspective.