Well, two good bits of news today. One is our permit came through from Vladivostock to be able to sail directly to Point Barrow. This is good news for a lot of reasons. One of them its the shortest direct route.

Also, after talking to Sergai, after breakfast,  he thought we should get a day or two of southerly winds. so if we are lucky, it could move the ice from the land, and let us sneak through. But we need to get closer to take advantage if it does happen.

So stowed the tender and cleared the decks and tied everything down in the saloon and we are off.

Three people down with sea sickness, but in the past it’s short lived and they are up and running after a stomach churning ! I am very lucky, – SO FAR , I don’t get sea sick, but hearing someone else makes my head consider it, so If it arises with someone next to me, I stick with my fingers in my ears and look the other way !!!

So slowly making our way north east.  With three people down it’s going to be a long night.