This photo is the moment when we got through the ice yesterday approaching Ostrov Andreya. Although we have still to get round Piotr-Severnyy we all felt that Ostrov Andreya was the critical point – that we really might not have made it through this point possibly for two weeks, and that we are now on our way.

Where we are anchored the wind is currently 30knots and the forecast says will be gusting 50. We are hoping that the storm will clear the way for us. We are expecting to have another go at clearing the point around midnight tonight. We need to change our anchorage soon because the wind direction will change, but we won’t be going very far.

Last night the anchor slipped while I was on anchor watch, at about 0200 UTC this morning I woke Nikolay immediately but I was shocked by how quickly we moved when the anchor had stopped holding us.

Northabout is strongly affected by the wind because it is high, and I imagine that there is also quite a strong current running through this channel. Nikolay put more anchor chain out and the anchor caught again, and this has been a secure anchorage since then.

Ros Edwards, 14/08/2016