I have discovered that I have managed to completely reverse my body clock.  We’ve got the same light level all day so there’s nothing that stops you changing your mind as to when the day or night is.  At the moment I’m waking up at about four in the evening and going back to bed at two in the morning.  Because there isn’t much to do I have also resorted to sleeping about fourteen hours a day.  All this is because, astonishingly, not much happens here.  There is therefore not much to get up for.  We’ve had more “interesting” weather today.  Strong winds and lashing rain right up to about ten minutes ago, at which point it all cleared up and is now cold, bright and wind with the odd dark cloud.  As far as action goes we’re waiting for the right wind more than anything else.  The westerly should apparently turn south by Tuesday, at which point there’l be nothing stopping us from getting moving.  I am really looking forward to that,  since we can’t go ashore this place has become really boring really fast.  And I mean REALLY, boring.  Denis has his birthday tomorrow so we plan to make a cake and those of us who managed to get presents for him will give him them.  In the meantime I have another fourteen hours sleep to catch up on, bye.