So, after I wrote to you last we turned around from our endeavour to get through the ice and made our way to a place to anchor that was relatively sheltered.  The problem was that we were expecting very high winds that night and we didn’t want to be close to ice when that happened.   We had winds of around twenty five knots when I went to bed.  At some point during the night we all got up and went into the saloon because the wind was strong enough to be a bit of a worry.  Denis and Nikolai went into the cockpit and steered the boat around so that at no point the anchor was being stressed.  We had several hours of that before the wind calmed down again and we could go back to bed.  In the morning we decided to leave to see if the ice had been moved out of the way by the strong winds. And it had.  Over the next few hours we made our way along the ice until we came across a problem.  A very shallow bit of water next to the coast was very nearly cut off by a large ice floe, the debate was whether we could get round it in the water.  Nikolai put the keel up a little and we tried our luck, five minutes later he came back down and put it down again.  So here we are, in open water, at last, we even have wind we’re sailing along nicely.  I’ve got to go to bed now so I’ll go but I’ll write again tomorrow and tell you how we’re doing, bye.

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