The North West Passage is over!  We’ve done it!  The trip isn’t over yet but the difficult part is. While we aren’t done with the trip yet it does put quite a few records to our names.  Nikolai’s the first skipper to do both passages twice, David and I are the first Brits to do both passages in one season and Constance and Barbara are the first women from their respective countries to do the same.  Rather sadly however I just feel like we’ve crossed a line we drew on the chart plotter, which is of course exactly what we have done.

It’s not the end that really completes the voyage in my opinion.  You don’t really feel like you’re done until you’re in port.  Luckily for us we’ll be in port in a couple of days.  Our eight knot over the ground speed was sadly broken as we left the passage and we’ve had to reduce to six knots.  Sad, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Last night we didn’t see any ice but because of my last encounter I was jumping at everything that looked white, waves breaking, sails an so on.  Gladly we didn’t hit any ice.  Or even see any ice.  We are now past the pack ice area and into iceberg land.  We saw a few in my morning watch yesterday but I hope to see more.  I can’t wait to get to Upernavik.  With luck that’ll be early on the day after tomorrow.  Bye.