It’s been a mixed few days on board Northabout. The crew had not long completed the notorious Northeast Passage and celebrated passing 180 degrees (meaning they were over half way), when they hit more bad weather – another near gale at force 5-6.Ros Edwards describes what it has been like for the crew for the past couple of days:

We have been 24 hour sailing for a long time – no one sleeps properly and everyone’s pretty busy. On top of that we are into the second day of 25 to 30 knot winds, throwing the boat around and everything in it. Many people are feeling queasy and not managing to eat very much. We are being thrown around in the saloon whenever we try to do anything, such as make a cup of tea or cook dinner. I for one feel ill, weak (through not eating enough), and slightly sick all of the time. All of our kit is soaked from being washed over when we are on watch. We can’t light the stove to dry things out or warm up because it doesn’t work when we’re heeled over. As Barbara put it, it’s all she can do to get onto her watch. Her sleeping bag is soaked because the waves have been leaking through the forward hatch – so is Ben’s, and Denis’ whole bunk is wet. Nikolay has himself strapped into his bunk with bungees to sleep. David is not sleeping because his ley cloth is not keeping him in his bunk properly.

Ros Edwards, 27th Aug 2016.