Wind against us, so choppy seas. We also got the latest sat photo this morning and having to go further south even more to avoid the ice. BUT slowly going East. Ice tomorrow I think.  The Irish in 2004 had a torrid time around here with the ice, so hoping we get better luck.

Saw a freighter today, closest we have been to ‘Civilisation’ for some time, found it quite strange, outside our little bubble.

Whilst I longingly look at the GPS to see the Eastings go up, at least we can do it in comfort. Warm, fed and relatively safe. I remember with Rune once skiing to the North Pole, it was -55 in the tent. We had made 5 Miles progress during a whole day of hard work, whilst we slept, we lost all our distance to drift . So, not so bad on the good ship Northabout. Just off to have a refreshing facial now.

Small set of Islands on our Starboard in the distance, I think another Polar station marked on the map. This Country is huge.

Nikolai now working out new times for our watches. The boat is still on Moscow time. Of course this far East we have crossed many time zones, so he’s trying to get us back into sync with somewhere, will tell you when he’s worked it out !


N71 13 E161 12 Pressure 1007, Water 6, air 0, UTC 20:30, 22 Aug, East Siberian Sea