On Thursday 20 October 2016, Northabout and her crew returned to Bristol. The historic Polar Ocean Challenge (POC) was a great success but it brings home an important message – this journey was only possible because climate change is causing the northern ice cap to melt.

Talking of the trip, David said: “The possibility to circumnavigate the Arctic was one I wanted to take despite the risks in order to focus the world’s attention on the Arctic. Whilst we are delighted to have succeeded, it is extremely worrying to see this lack of ice so starkly. It shows we’ve got real problems with climate change.

I hope that young people are inspired to get involved and be part of the conversation, to think about how we can protect the future of the Arctic before it changes beyond recognition, how we are affected here in the UK and what small steps we can all take to help mitigate the impact effects of climate change. I hope that schools across the UK will partner with us. We are all in the same boat”.