2nd leg crew member, Constance Difede, writes about life on board Northabout a few days after leaving Murmansk:

After nearly 5 days, we are located approximately at 72N 62E within 93NM of our waypoint. It is an odd sensation to realise over these days our course will not change until we reach the far side of Novaya Zemlya. This morning on the 02:00 watch, the relevant numbers were 4C, 8C, 16C representing temperatures outside in the cockpit; the sea water temperature; inside the salon. Our daily lives are organised around 4 hour watches, 6 watch teams, 3 sets of galley pairs. We dine at 13:00 and at 19.00. As of day 6, we have established our routines.  On the 7th day, we will gather together all 7 crew for a special dinner. The daily schedule of life on Northabout is juxtaposed against the rhythm of the sea.  The monotone layers of cloud, the darkness of the sea, the shafts of light beyond the rim of the horizon are an awe-inspiring reminder of the vastness of our planet.  We are 1 tiny vessel passing through the vast Barents Sea.  Our companions are the sea birds and dolphins.  Their presence brings joy and exultation. We are the strangers visiting their world in a place without time.

25th July, 2016