Hello, so it’s three in the morning at the moment and I’m on anchor watch.  On my watch last night we were wandering along happily when we suddenly came across some ice that was too thick for us to go through.  As a result we’ve had to turn back and try to go closer to the shore where we thought it would be thin enough to get through.  I went to bed after my watch so I’m not sure what happened next but now we’ve beached ourselves on a massive chunk of ice as a sort of anchor and I assume waiting for a couple of days for the ice to clear a bit.  I hope to be able to get off and walk around the iceberg a little, who knows how strong it is though.  In the meantime I’ve written a message in a bottle that I intend to put over the side either when we get moving or to just lodge it in the ice and see what happens.

Nikolai’s birthday was good.  There was cake and mashed potato and fishcakes, a feast by the standards of the boat.  As a present I gave him a wooly puffin hat from Lerwick and he got various other things from other people as well.  I wasn’t actually there for the blowing out of the candles or the much of the actual meal because I was steering and the ice was a little tricky at that point.  I really enjoy helming through ice though, you can treat it as a sort of game.  Don’t hit the icebergs is the objective and if you hit one that’s large enough at the right speed it’s game over.  Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet.  Given where we are for the moment I intend to get a lot of pictures of the ice and the boat together, with luck that should be possible, the weathers good enough at the moment anyway.  I’ll write again when we start moving or we see another polar bear or something.  Bye