So, for my fiftieth blog I thought I’d say something that is possibly a little unexpected so I’ll make it very clear.  I am miserable.  A combination of lack of space, physical inaction and endless monotony means that at the moment I am hating every single second of the day.  I thought I’d say this to help people understand that while physically this trip is incredibly easy, I at least am finding it very tough.  The last time I saw anyone other than the six people on board with me was thirty one days ago and I am frankly fed up with not being able to be on my own.  I’m permanently restless because I am getting no exercise whatever and every single day is exactly the same.  What really tops it off is that the end is by no means in sight.  We’re not even half way yet.  Though I have enjoyed other parts of the trip I just wanted it on record that the North East Passage has not been a positive experience.

Things will hopefully get better during the North West passage, there’ll be new crew and we’ll be stopping more and I expect it to generally be more interesting.  On top of that, it should take much less time. Hopefully.  So, complaint over.

We’ve almost reached the passage into the East Siberian Sea and are doing approximately ten degrees of Longtitude a day.  Once in the East Siberian Sea we hope to come across little or no ice and basically straight line it to Point Barrow.  If things go according to plan we should reach Alaska in ten days or so.  At that point The Mother and Denis will get off and Dad and a man named Johan, who has sailed the north west passage before, will get on.  From that point we head to Greenland through the North West Passage.  From there it should be back to Bristol.  Thinking that is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. So far we haven’t come across any ice for two days now, this is encouraging.  We hope to be through the next passage by about this time in two days, in the meantime we’ve got some more ice to look forward to, grrrrrrr

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