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Delve deeper into the topics explored by Wicked Weather Watch. Follow the links, watch the videos and try the experiments to learn more about the Arctic and climate change from the experts!

Four fascinating facts!

2015 was the hottest year on record, breaking the previous record set jointly in 2010 and 2005.

Over 100 million people living in coastal regions across the world would be displaced by a rise in sea levels of just 90cm.

The golden toad was the first species to go extinct because of climate change and habitat loss.

In 2004 cows released more methane gas than the oil industry in the United States of America.

Get hands on with our Awesome Experiments!

Be a climate detective and find out how pond and peat bogs can tell us about how our climate has changed over time…

Does less snow and ice mean a warmer world? Try our snow and ice experiment to find out!

Does all melting ice cause sea levels to rise? Why do warmer oceans matter? Try “Awesome Experiment: What causes sea levels to rise?” to find out.

Having a balance of cold and warm water in our oceans keeps our climate stable. Try “Awesome Experiment: Ocean currents and the role of the Arctic” to find out what might happen if our ocean currents change.

Does less snow and ice mean a warmer world? Try our snow and ice experiment to find out!

Fizzics Education has more fun experiments to try. We particularly like: Create Ice Cores which shows how climatologists work within remote regions to study ice for changes in the balance atmospheric gases over thousands of years.

Quizzes and games

Polar Bear Quiz

So you think you know your Polar bears? Why not take our polar bear quiz and see just how much you really know about these iconic Arctic inhabitants.

Jargon Buster Bingo

Know your iceberg from your iceshelf? Try classic Bingo with a jargon busting Arctic twist and see who will be first get a full (green?!) house!

Greenland Quiz

How much do you know about this amazing country? Answers on our Focus on Greenland page.

Question 1: Greenland is the world’s largest island. True or False?

Question 2: Greenland is covered in a lot of ice, some of which is more than two million years old! How much of Greenland is covered in ice?       a) 45%        b) 63%         c) 82%

Question 3: How many people live in Greenland?       a) about 56,000       b) about 500,000     c) over 1 million

Question 4: What animal is on Greenland’s Coat of Arms?       a) a reindeer       b) a polar bear       c) a seal

Question 5: Greenland’s ice contains about 10% of the whole world’s fresh water. True or false?

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