We were thrilled to return to Springbank Primary Academy on Thurs 28th June to see what they’d been up to since our last visit in March.
The brilliant, creative teachers had planned yet another epic day! SPAtarctica in March was all things polar exploration to launch their big topic ‘responsibility’; this week was a science day with all children getting involved in ‘exploring’ and ‘discovery’.
The morning was spent with KS2 pupils. We looked at climate change and our responsibility to our planet. Each group told us about what they’d been doing around the school since our last visit. Year 4 had been doing great work collecting litter, particularly plastic bottles (we can’t wait to see the finished plastic bottle penguin which was constructed throughout the day!), year 5 wrote a fabulous climate change poem, and all year groups had been closing the doors of their classrooms, turning off lights and whiteboards and thinking much more about energy efficiency and conservation. Pupils came up with some selfless ideas such as playing less of computer game ‘fortnight’, and some innovative ideas such as adding solar panels to their washing machines!! They also talked a great deal about plastics and alternative materials.
The afternoon was spent with enthusiastic groups of KS1 and EYFS pupils talking about all the different amazing Arctic animals, with lots of interesting questions!
We also had the opportunity to look at the wonderful work children had displayed in their classrooms – relevant newspaper clippings, polar writing, polar wildlife facts, and we even spied a WWW postcard all the way from Svalbard written by our very own adventurer Digby Rawlins!
We left the children with another challenge to continue their thinking on responsibility – to design a poster which illustrates how we are all responsible towards our environment and what we can each do to help protect it. We can’t wait to see the entries!
Thank you again Springbank for hosting another inspirational day!