A fact that we love to use at Wicked Weather Watch, because it inevitably gets the children’s attention and makes them laugh, is that farting cows are a major contributor to climate change. That’s right, cows fart methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases!

But a new report released today (15th Nov ’18) by the government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change (CCC) shows that it’s no laughing matter, recommending a major decrease (between 20% and 50%) in the amount of cattle and sheep that the UK farms. The report adds that trees should be replanted on land currently used to farm cattle and sheep.

At WWW, we encourage the children to debate what might be good and bad about reducing the amount of red meat they eat, and how this compares to other actions we can all take to reduce our negative impact on the climate. Many children we talk to have been brought up on a diet of meat with every meal – a big contrast to previous generations – but are open to eating red meat only once or twice a week. 

While the debate continues about by how much, or indeed if, we should reduce cattle and sheep farming, reducing the demand for red meat may prove the decisive factor.