What WE can do

There are lots and lots of ways that each of us can make a difference, both at home and at school. We can also encourage our parents, teachers and local businesses to play their part too.

Actions to take at home

  • Buy less meat, milk, cheese and butter

  • Buy more locally sourced seasonal food– and throw less food away

  • Drive electric cars

  • Walk or cycle short distances

  • Take trains and busesinstead of planes

  • Use a washing line instead of a tumble dryer 

  • Insulate your house

Did you know?

Waste that goes to landfill produces METHANE – a harmful greenhouse gas. The more we can recycle and reuse, the less we send to landfill and the fewer harmful gases will be released into the atmosphere!


Actions to take at school

  • Have energy monitors in each class to make sure that lights, computers, white boards etc are all switched off when no one is in the classroom

  • Reuse, recycle, reduce

  • Walk or scoot to school 

  • Raise funds for solar panels for your school

  • Write to your local MP and ask them to be a Zero Hero

  • Fundraise for a local charity that is tackling climate change


Information sheet for schools and individuals with simple suggestions that can be done at home or at school to reduce our impact on the planet.

Use the footprint to record five actions you can take as a class, school or individual to reduce your impact on the planet. Includes teacher’s notes about ‘carbon footprint.

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