The BBC’s science editor, David Shukman, filmed a special report released this week issuing a stark warning about the increasing rate at which Greenland’s ice sheet is melting, and the impact that could have on the rest of the world through rising sea levels.

Why does Greenland matter?

Greenlands ice sheet is seven times the area of the UK and up to 2-3km thick in places. It stores so much frozen water that if the whole thing melted, it would raise sea levels worldwide by up to 7m. No one is suggesting that could happen for hundreds or even thousands of years but even a small increase in the rate of melting in coming decades could threaten millions of people living in low-lying areas, including those in eastern England.

Read the full report, with a great interactive map of a melting glacier, here.

Picture: Digby Rawlins for WickedWeatherWatch.