What an amazing day. The opportunity to work with years 3-6 at St Saviours Junior School, Bath, was just fantastic.

Last Friday, 22d Nov, was a full day of climate action for all. Starting with an assembly for all, Years 5 and 6 rotated around 3 activities – a giant map of the Arctic expiring the impacts of a changing climate on the region, looking at the global impacts of climate change and what we can do about it with Gill and Vicky from WWW, and a brilliantly inspiring talk by Polar Adventurer Hazel Richards!

Year 3 and 4 looked at climate change with their class teachers, including an experiment to look at the impacts of melting Arctic ice on our sea levels, and also got to listen to Hazel’s tales of adventure.

All 265 children taking part in the day wrote their own pledge for an action they want to take to reduce their impact on the planet, which were joined together in a closing plenary at the end of the day to form an impressive paper chain, showing that when we all work together even a small action, when taken together, can have a big impact.

We ended the day with a rousing rendition of ‘This is the moment’ from Small World – very apt and inspiring lyrics!

A huge thank you to St Saviours for inviting us to be part of their Climate Action, and to Ms Birkett in particular to organising the day, as well as to Hazel and Sam – our speaker and facilitator – without whom the day would not have been possible.