Sixty (60) key stage 2 pupils were treated to an Arctic Adventure last Friday, expertly delivered by Emma Espley and Sarah Shaw.

After attending a CPD event organised for Geography/Humanities Subject Leaders and KS2 Curriculum Coordinators last June where previous Arctic-themed workshops and WWW materials were showcased, a request was made by Liz Price for a similar day at Longney C of E Primary Academy.

The first challenge for the children was to piece together WWW’s Arctic puzzle map to find out where they might be going for the rest of the day.


They were then split into two groups: those with Sarah created a fabulous Arctic-themed dance: arriving in Greenland by boat, donning their cold-weather gear, skiing to a glacier before making their way across and pitching tents. The final scene saw the children portray ice shelves and glaciers, melting away – a striking representation of the impact of climate change in the Arctic region.

Emma’s session addressed the questions: “What are the challenges facing the Arctic today?: and “What will the Arctic look like in the future?” through several activities: A card sort to look at ‘true’, ‘false’ and ‘unsure’ facts; a matching exercise of images, mainly taken during the Polar Ocean Challenge with their appropriate captions; the generation of an Arctic word cloud and a ‘spot the
difference’ challenge looking at how the Greenland ice sheet has changed over 20 years or so. When  asked if there was anything that surprised them, pupils mentioned the huge size of a polar bear and that around 4 million (10% of which are indigenous peoples, such as the Sami and Inuits), live within the Arctic Circle.

Following lunch, the final session of the day was a talk and Q&A by Digby Rawlins, Greenland expedition crew member and WWW volunteer. The children asked a lot of challenging questions, and were fascinated to meet someone who had travelled to the amazing place they’d been learning about in the morning.

If your school would like to hold a similar event please contact us – we’d love to support more schools with this awesome adventure day!

A more detailed look at the activities can be found in Emma’s blog.