Together with three others I am a new member of the crew for Leg 4.

Having met up with Rob Hudson at Gatwick we flew out via Copenhagen. Kangarlussuaq and Manitsoq to Nuuk. A taxi brought us to the harbour, and the boat could be seen in the middle distance moored up alongside a trawler.  However, access to the wharf was blocked by a firmly locked gate with bundles of barbed wire to deter unauthorised access.  After a few minutes a fisherman fortunately arrived who unlocked the door allowing us to proceed. Next problem was that the fishing boat was about 4m below the walkway since it was low water Springs. Fortunately we found some rope and lowered our baggage down gingerly into the trawler, and thence onto Northabout.  We had arrived, yet the hatch was firmly locked.   So much for the Reception Committee!

The distinctive figure of Nikolai Litau appeared shortly who unlocked the hatchway, and we had arrived!

After an unexpected and very welcome buffet at a local restaurant, the next day was taken up with admin, familiarising with the boat, and fuelling up.  Unfortunately we had to lay off for over an hour before coming alongside the fuel bunker as all the locals were refuelling prior to their hunting expeditions over the weekend: it was rush hour.  We met several locals who showed us their HV rifles that they use to hunt reindeer.  Such hunting often involves walking up for 20kms and having to return carrying with their prey over their shoulders.  They skin the animal immediately: the hide being used on the sleighs in winter.

Today is Saturday 24th September.  Following briefings, repairs to the mainsail, reinforcing a damaged guide-rail with a scrap piece of metal and tightening up the engine mounts we set off to Faeringehaven – a short passage – where the intention is to moor up for the night.  Tomorrow is likely to be more ambitious: a day sail of perhaps 100 miles.  The weather looks kind partially sunny with very little wind.  We are finally off!

David Wyn Davies, 25th Sept 2016