This week #WorldEnvironmentDay (Tues 5th) and #WorldOceansDay (Fri 8th) are taking place, both highlighting the damage caused by plastics in our oceans. 

Once thought to be too far away to reach, plastic is increasingly being found in the Arctic Ocean, affecting the people and wildlife of this, up until now, pristine region.

The articles below explore the impact that plastic has on our marine environments, as well as what is starting to be done to reduce plastic waste.

Could you take up the challenge being set by the Marine Conservation Society of going single-use plastic free for July? If not the whole month, try just a week, or even a day…

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UN report on 50 nations curbing plastic use – features a great video on one man’s effort to clean up plastic in Arctic Norway.

Interview with David Attenborough – we must act now to protect our oceans from the deadly threat of plastic.