Our Partners

Wicked Weather Watch is excited and proud to work with some fantastic partners who support our by providing information, helping to create our resources and promoting our work. Read more about the great organisations we are working with below.

Interact in partnership with Wicked Weather Watch

INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) is part of SCANNET, a circumarctic network of 83 field bases in northern Europe, Russia, US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Scotland, as well as stations in northern alpine areas. INTERACT seeks to build capacity for identifying, understanding, predicting and responding to diverse environmental changes throughout the Arctic.

INTERACT supports WWW to access accurate information about the Arctic, and has kindly allowed us to use their materials including photos and videos for use in our education work.

Sustainable Learning with Wicked Weeather Watch

Sustainable Learning connects teachers with free learning resources and expert knowledge to inspire children about sustainability through National Curriculum learning. Sustainable learning is kindly helping to advise and promote WWW’s teaching materials.

Kids of Bath’s vision is to create an easy-to-use community website where families can keep up with everything going on in Bath (and surrounding areas) and to support the wealth of amazing independent businesses in the city. The entire website is free to use and free to add content to. We’re proud as punch to be one of their 5 charity partners!

Ecojam is a jamboree of all things local, green and ethical. Ecojam’s aims are simple yet ambitious – to get more people involved in their local green scene, and promote and connect green activities in cities and counties across the UK.

If you want to discover Ecojam, simply head to www.ecojam.org. There are local Ecojam hubs in Bath and Bristol and a new national hub for the UK’s green/ethical scene.

Our wonderful facilitators use a wide variety of interactive, fun, and highly memorable mediums to convey messages about climate change. They run sessions at our multi-school events as well as support WWW to work with individual schools.

Interact in partnership with Wicked Weather Watch

Emma Espley is a part-time teacher, freelance consultant, Geographical Association Primary Geography Champion and approved Global Learning Programme CPD provider. She has used her creativity to help develop the WWW KS2 Scheme of Work and now facilitates our CPD days and sessions at school events, inspiring other educational professionals and children alike.

Jukebox Collective is Wales’ leading street dance organisation. Their creative learning sessions actively engage students in a subject  though dance and movement. Sessions are fun, creative and support the enjoyment of learning as well improving communication and confidence of learners.

Emily Hastings is a LAMDA and ALAM qualified teacher. She uses the fundamentals of drama to support learning across various themes – including climate change – weaving key messages and discussions through her classes, tailored to the age of the class. She injects a great deal of enthusiasm in to all her sessions to ensure children are truly engaged.

Sound Matters use sound to tell a new story about our relationship with the Earth – our only home. Every sound tells a unique story about the world in which we live. By actively listening to the sounds that surround us we can learn a great deal about our environment and how we can respond to our world in a positive way.

Green Up Your Act brings environmental and sustainability issues to life through stimulating discussions, engaging presentations and creative workshops for both primary and secondary education. Philip brilliantly presents the issues of recycling, marine littler, single use plastics and their alternatives before enabling pupils to contribute to a cleaner, greener world through creating their own colourful up-cycled products and artworks.

Kathryn Minchew is a former MasterChef semi-finalist and now professional chef based in Gloucester. Her sessions use cookery and baking to teach children about where food comes from, what impact food production has on our carbon footprint and the environment and the positive choices we can make when it comes to our favourite foods.

Sarah Shaw is a dance teacher and educator who instills self-confidence and individualism into all students. Her tailor-made sessions for WWW take children on a journey of adventure, creating their own Arctic journey to discover how climate change is impacting this increasingly fragile part of our planet.

As a local business we want to support local charities, so we were very proud to support Wicked Weather Watch by hosting a book signing event with their founder, Sir David Hempleman-Adams. Our business model supports local produce, and with transportation and agriculture being some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, working with a climate change education charity makes sense. With primary aged children of our own, it feels like a really good partnership. The evening was a lovely opportunity to bring different parts of the community together – local individuals and businesses with our customers and WWW explorers and staff – and we look forward to support WWW again in the future.

KOOP is an independent and open-minded creative agency, who generously designed our brilliant WWW logo and brand for free. Thank you!

At a time when learning about and acting to mitigate climate change has never been more urgent, Wicked Weather Watch (WWW) is a brilliant Bath-based charity that delivers a vital programme of education and awareness raising to children. We’re proud to sponsor and support this small, yet dynamic charity”. Marcus and Hana Whittington, Bath Boutique Stays.

Our Funders

Wicked Weather Watch would not exist without the support of our generous funders. We would like to acknowledge the support of the people and Trusts mentioned below, as well as those who have chosen to remain anonymous, and thank them for helping us to inspire the young people we work with.

We are thrilled to have been chosen as a grantee of The Fore. A highly innovative organisation, The Fore looks to influence the whole sector as an example of best practice, changing how funding is offered across the sector by providing a water-tight, expert-led, open and low cost application process that allows corporations to funnel their philanthropy to exciting small charities. The Fore identifies the most innovative new ideas and develops them to scale. The Fore will support Wicked Weather Watch over 2 years with the aim to expand our work, develop our business model and move closer to being the ‘go-to’ organisation for primary-level climate change education.

Read more about the work of The Fore.

The Postcode Local Trust is one of the funders behind the Fore. They generously chose Wicked Weather Watch as one of the charities they particularly wanted to fund, and we are grateful for their ongoing support. 


The Garfleld Weston Foundation supports a wide range of charities that make a positive difference across a diverse number of themes including education and the environment. The Foundation is kindly support the core work of WWW to enable us to build on the work with have done with schools so far to expand our reach and impact. Read more about the work of the Garfield Weston Foundation.


Ernest Cook Charitable Trust supports Wicked Weather Watch

The Summerfield Charitable Trust provide funding for charitable projects in Gloucestershire. The trust is supporting Wicked Weather Watch to deliver an Arctic themed Gloucestershire based schools event using interactive methods such as dance, drama or cookery to impart serious climate change messages.  Events such as these make learning more memorable and meaningful, helping pupils gain an understanding of climate change and what can often be difficult to conceptualise issues.

You can read more about the work of the Trust here http://www.summerfield.org.uk/

Ernest Cook Charitable Trust supports Wicked Weather Watch

The Ernest Cook Trust is one of the UK’s leading outdoor learning charities. The Trust places education at its very heart by offering children and young people a range of outdoor learning opportunities. The ECT supported Wicked Weather Watch to develop our interactive KS2 Curriculum materials during which schools have the opportunity to hear directly from an Arctic Explorer! Read more about the Trust’s work here.

The Jo Walters Trust commemorates the life of Joanna Walters by giving grants to causes that she would approve of. To celebrate her life and achievements as an inspirational person, teacher and motivator, the Jo Walters Trust provides opportunities to help people enrich their lives and the lives of others, through sport, outward bound, educational and environmental projects, both at home and abroad. The JWT supported Wicked Weather Watch to deliver our inaugural Arctic Extravaganza for 102 children from 8 primary schools across Bristol. Read a report about the WWW Arctic Extravaganza and Trust’s work.