Northabout goes North!

Following the epic Polar Ocean Challenge in summer 2016, Northabout has set off on her adventures again, this time heading for Greenland.

Whilst there, her crew and others will trek to the geo-magnetic North Pole, talk to local communities and schools about their experience of climate change and generally explore this amazing country.

The adventures of….??

On board Northabout is a very special member of crew. The WWW polar bear is on its first ever Arctic adventure and will be exploring the wonders of Greenland along with the crew.

Follow the progress of the WWW polar bear and Northabout to find out more about this fantastic country.

Get involved!


Do you have a question for the crew of Northabout? Want to know what life is like for children living in Greenland? Then send us a question via the contact page or email and we’ll get the answer back to you!

We’d be happy to visit your school to run an assembly or classroom lesson to tell you all about the adventure, Greenland, the Arctic and climate change. Contact us to find out more.

Do you want to be the proud owner of an adventurous polar bear?

Then simply enter our competition to name the WWW mascot!