So, news of the day. At ten o’clock this morning I discovered that we were about thirty miles north of Hell. Hell, a small town just south of Trondheim, it is apparently very nice. Also, I have slept two hours in the last thirty six. After my watch last night I tried going to bed but, while I was tired I was not, and still am not, sleepy. As such I have tried getting to sleep a lot over the past day and failed miserably. Grrr.

In my first watch today we passed a large drilling rid off the coast of Norway. Last year we went so close to it that it’s rig support vessels sent out a rib to make sure we weren’t Greenpeace. We were thirty miles away from it today and it was still taller than a sailing yachts mast a mile away. During my night shift last night the port hand nav light suddenly decided that it wanted to work. We don’t know why. This evening John made a crumble. The oven isn’t working so he made it in a frying pan. What he did was he heated up the apples in a separate pan and then heated the topping in a frying pan. It was surprisingly nice. We expect to cross the artic circle at about three in the morning, in Tromsø by the day after tomorrow. I’ll write again tomorrow, bye.