Plastic Artwork 8th June 2024

The Competition

On Tuesday the 4th of June, Paddock Wood Primary School attend our pilot launch of our newest virtual offering, our Sustainability multi-school event. We explored the question, ‘How can we make plastic fantastic?’ with 85 Y5 pupils on board.

In addition to the many and varied activities completed during the day, pupils were asked to create artwork, made out of plastic or recycled materials found on a litter pick or collection at their school. Three Y5 classes from Paddock Wood took part in this challenge and created some stunning compositions. 

During the event, pupils heard from our guest speaker, Eduardo Jiménez, who creates art from plastic found on his daily litter picks in his hometown of Brigantine, New Jersey in the United States of America. 

The artwork from the classes involved have been submitted here to be judged by Eduardo and the community. Please cast your vote by commenting your favourite below, before the end of the day, Friday the 14th of June. The winning creation will receive some exciting educational goodies from Wicked Weather Watch. 

For more information about our virtual event, head to Emma Espley’s blog post, where she recounts the day in more detail.

The Submissions

Which piece gains your vote? Add a comment below, stating who you think deserves to win and why.

2 thoughts on “Plastic Artwork 8th June 2024”

  1. Eduardo Jimenez

    It was an honor to present to students & teachers at Paddock Wood Primary School last week on how I do art with litter I collect. Even though it was a virtual meeting, I got the sense of positive engagement from the students when I saw the questions after the presentation. I hope the learning was good and lasting. Now to the 3 artworks presented on June 8th. All are magnificent & unique compositions and advocate for a clean environment. My favorite is “Plastic & Pollution Causes Death & Disease”. This composition stood out to me by the use of different types of litter. This includes plastic items such as food wrappers, shipping bubble wrappers, netting, ribbons, etc. Furthermore, it has a high visual impression and direct message of advocacy for the impact of plastic in the environment. Congratulations to all participants and best wishes on the learning journey. Stay curious.

  2. ‘Plastic and pollution causes death and disease’ gets my vote. Eye-catching with a profound message. Encapsulated many of the themes that were discussed during the morning’s workshop too. Great teamwork!

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